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C&G Ferramenta, 30 years of experience in the production of furniture hardware kits

10 September 2021

Wide range of materials, competent staff, precision and punctuality in deliveries


C&G Ferramenta boasts over 30 years of experience gained in the processing and production of furniture hardware kits. The company has grown so much that now it is one of the main reference points in the furniture small parts field. It develops in 5 owned factories, bordering each other for a total area of 6,000 sqm. The wide range of materials, the competence of the staff, the precision and punctuality in deliveries are C&G’s winning strategies in a company led with skill and passion by three generations of the Cecchini family.

All materials are stored and arranged in five large warehouses managed by qualified staff, always ready to guarantee supplies to satisfy any delivery need. The organization, precision and the ability quickly to handle all kinds of orders assure the customer the highest quality and reliability of each supply.

13 different packaging lines, the last three equipped with hoppers, and all of them having autonomous weighing baskets for every single container, protected cells for possible overloads, and an out-of-the line device for weights over the tolerance limit. The latest purchased machinery for packaging in multi-pocket bags has twenty baskets and develops a length of 21mt. It can modulate bags with sixteen single “pockets”, significantly improving the component assembly procedure by the end-user.

The customers can customize the print to highlight on the hardware bag. The manual packaging department with a PC on each workstation is connected to customers PLC to transfer the data in real-time for managing the daily requirements and give further proof of production capacity and accurate service. Not to forget the Software programming and bar code used for products advancing as a guarantee of the low non-conformity level, which is less than 1%.

At the end of all lines, specific electronic weight scales ensure homogeneity of the bags before reaching the quality control at the dedicated specific department. The experience and great attention to the customer needs allow C&G to offer different customized packaging, packing and supply services. Further to packaging in sealed and printed bags, the materials can be boxed in various size containers and grouped in ready to deliver pallets, according to the customer needs.

C&G, traditionally oriented towards customer satisfaction, disposes of three owned transport means for fast deliveries in their area, so as outside the region. The continuous improvement, the quality of the products and packaging lines allow the company to build solid and lasting partnerships with customers.


At a glance:

  • 5 FACTORIES 6,000 sqm
  • 1200,000 PACKS PER MONTH
  • 100,000 BOXES PER MONTH
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