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FIMMA + Maderalia to build 140 sqm house made entirely from wood

6 February 2024

Timber construction is definitely one of the central themes of the next edition of FIMMA + Maderalia, which takes place at Feria Valencia from 14th to 17th May 2024  


The biennial is getting behind timber construction as one of the cornerstones of the fair’s upcoming edition. It will also be arranging a series of themed lectures on the subject, whilst staging the ‘València Open Wood’ initiative, which will include visits to buildings close to Feria Valencia that have been constructed of wood. Maderalia aims to be a forum for “re-thinking timber construction” to attract professionals such as architects, specifiers, developers, carpenters and builders. In line with this, the fair has signed a partnership agreement with consultancy WWF (World Wood Future) to devise a series of activities within the framework of FIMMA + Maderalia centred on promoting not just timber construction but a change in the social, economic and environmental paradigm whereby wood, as a natural and sustainable material comes to play a key role.

Notable amongst the battery of activities to be rolled out is the construction of a house completely made of wood that will showcase the infinite possibilities the material offers for contemporary living. Titled ‘Mediterranean Hábitat Modular House’, the initiative consists in fact of a 140 sqm home that will be made of wood or wood-derivative products that display the same properties as wood as a construction material as well as its excellent insulation properties, versatility, durability, strength, reduced build times and low carbon footprint compared with other materials.

FIMMA + Maderalia will also feature a number of technical presentations and workshops on the subject of building with wood delivered by the companies that will be supplying the materials, the house is built of. Educational sessions given by specialists, they will address both construction techniques and the technical capabilities of the materials used to construct the ‘Mediterranean Hábitat Modular House’.

Another of the more unusual activities taking place as part of the drive to promote building with wood is the ‘València Open Wood’ initiative, a series of technical guided visits to several unique structures built from wood that are close to Feria Valencia. These visits have been devised for developers, architects and builders coming to FIMMA + Maderalia who are interested in learning more about the properties of timber used for structural and construction purposes.

All that is part of FIMMA + Maderalia’s drive to deliver content that will create a very special edition of the biennial. Taking place at Feria Valencia, the 40th edition of the fair showcases the best for the industry.


FIMMA + Maderalia

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