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From 7 to 11 September 2023, Maison&Objet will be “in a quest of pleasures”

30 August 2023

Colour, extravagance, boldness and humour as added value of this new edition  


More than a trend, this is an ‘initiation’ quest. In September, the Inspiration Theme will invite new excitement. An enchantment freed from the austerity to which the company and the brands have submitted in order to tailor their line of conduct to the crisis context. Savour the pleasures of interiors conducive to well-being, boost your endorphins with designs, rediscover a taste for festivity and fantasy… this jubilant programme will be laid out and made accessible at the major meetings and events as well as in a brand new sector of Maison&Objet. This “quest for pleasure”, led today by artists and designers, will achieve its fulfilment in the autumn, as the programme of Paris Design Week and the exhibitors of the Maison&Objet event express this new and joyful mood loudly and in colour to the professionals of the sector.

As a preview on the M.O.M (Maison&Objet and More) platform, now a marketplace, many products are already playing the chords of this euphoric score, offering European professionals the opportunity to buy online, all year round, for their shop or any interior design project they may have. This creative optimism will also be in the spotlight in the conference programme to be found at Maison&Objet. The “What’s New?” exhibition areas, the identity of the show, will appropriate the Enjoy! theme by drawing their inspiration directly from the new collections of the season.


The three stages of pleasure to be discovered on Maison&Objet in September:


Seductive expressiveness

The most visible part of this quest for pleasures is driven by brands and creators who are not afraid to stand out, quite the contrary. They are game(s) of oneself, desires to compose a diverse and creative identity, as with the Lensa AI application that allows one to put on a new costume and a new artificial identity in a few seconds. It is also the revived glamorous atmosphere of disco nightclubs such as Studio 54 or the Palace, which can be revisited in hospitality venues. It is still the vibrant, sensory and sensual universe of Rodolphe Parente inviting us to a sort of Counter soirée. Remnants of a festive and nostalgic decadence. The aim is to turn your daily life into a flamboyant celebration to make the most of the present moment. Finally, it is theatricality that spreads, as in the Stolen Objects from the Sea by the Uchronia studio at Laparra during Paris Design Week.


Liberating creativity

Today, some people want to find moments of recklessness in adult life. Regressive references and recreational philosophy animate their daily life. Astonishment takes a central place. Radically optimistic, several artists, architects and designers have the right to daydream or to a “Great escape”. This quest for pleasures is expressed through staging with quirky humour, and nourishes utopian imaginations and fantastical universes. Somewhere between diversion and proportional scale, daring aesthetics and regressive experiments, new perceptions of reality are brought out.


Heightened sensitivity

When well-being is associated with a return to basics, pleasure is no longer exuberant but requires ultraexperiential exploration. Digital then becomes the gateway to new perceptions of oneself, to a more fun, uncomplicated, attractive and accessible well-being. The quest for peace combines augmented reality with sensory immersion when its material translation suggests new forms and sensations.


A trend space embodied in the fair, in three dimensions and 5 senses.

The Peclers Paris agency will showcase the theme of the show in an area of some 200 sqm. This immersion experience through object, materials and works of art will set one out a sensory and playful journey, animated by artists’ performances, contributions by craftsmen, designers and stylist.



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