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From Securital new finishes and colours, to harmonize quality locks with furniture

17 October 2022

Securital produces quality Italian locks for furniture in Brianza and has been recognized for years, even internationally, for the quality of its products. A complete program of locks is available in the catalogue to offer various solutions conceived, designed and developed to meet the particular needs of customers. Securital products are easily recognizable also thanks to the punched and reversible key made of Alpacca.

The company seated in Desio, Italy, has for some time been offering an interesting range of finishes and colours to allow furniture and furnishings manufacturers to match and customize the lock even in terms of colour. To provide a further response to the needs of Architects, Interior Decorators and Designers, Securital has recently increased the variants of Galvanic Colours and Finishes also to position its proposals in the demanding world of Contract.

The insertion of the new metal joint handle completes the KYR lock program: with a linear and clean design, it can be supplied in different galvanic finishes and colours painted in the same shades as the lock. Further to complete the integrated customization, the handle is conceived for inserting, on one side, an embossed resin label bearing the logo of the manufacturer or its end customer, faithfully respecting the required colours. The resin label is also available in a neutral version, thus without a logo, coloured or transparent.

Securital has a successful entrepreneurial history linked to the world of Subcontracting, obtained also thanks to the reliable collaborators who have made it possible to appreciate “unique products” for the world of furniture, entirely made in Italy.

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