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Stone Italiana presents the all-CosmoliteⓇ kitchen and the new ‘Venantis’ collection at Sicam

27 February 2023

The kitchen is the mainstay of relationships and interactions in a house. It’s the room where the family comes together, making the house feel like a home. To create a truly custom-made space, you have to take every detail into consideration when making the designs: the choice of countertop, cabinets, furniture and the finishes. The kitchen countertop is the keystone because it’s where all the work is done, the surface that undergoes most stress, where cooks chop and knead; it’s also the most delicate part because it comes into contact with foods and therefore has to stay clean to protect the people who use it.

Stone Italiana has responded to these needs with Cosmolite, the hi-tech, high-performing and sustainable new range of slabs. This New Materia is scratch-proof, stain-proof, chip-proof, has been tested for hygiene and is sustainable because it’s made 100% from pre-consumer recycled minerals.

Stone Italiana has chosen the Sicam showcase to present its new Venantis Cosmolite collection to the international audience. These slabs are distinguished by a thin veining that makes the viewer think of natural stone, but at the same time makes a totally contemporary design. The collection will comprise 6 colours and 3 finishes (Gloss, Grain 2.0 and Rocplan 2.0), and the slabs will be available in the original 2cm thickness and the new 1.2cm thickness, an enrichment to the range which is particularly useful at the cutting and handling stages, as it’s lighter and therefore easier to transport and install – this will make it really competitive with the more traditional materials used as interior coverings. In addition, the 1.2 thickness will have a lower environmental impact in terms of CO2 emissions.


The complete kitchen project: The cmt_frame and Cmt_fullbody cabinet doors

The expansion of the range and the addition of kitchen countertops aren’t the only new things: Cosmolite is a composite material with all-through veining that’s durable, flexible and adaptable to a whole host of uses. In a kitchen, the doors used to close the base and wall cabinets help to create the identity and character of the room, whether as part of a total look or providing visual contrast. Now, thanks to how Cosmolite slabs can be processed, even cabinet doors can become an expressive element contributing to the overall style of the kitchen.

As part of its cabinet door project, Stone Italiana presented innovative solutions at Sicam, where the Cosmolite slab isn’t just a covering, but becomes the very body of the element, thanks to two design solutions: CMT_FRAME and CMT_FULLBODY. CMT_FRAME is a system composed of an ultra-thin (6mm thick) aluminium band with a unique section framing the door without any extra supports. The Cosmolite panel is light, with all-through veining so it presents the same look inside and out, and has no need of reinforcement.

The flexibility of Cosmolite makes the door resistant to accidental shocks, and it adds a totally unique aesthetic to the kitchen environment. The CMT_FULLBODY door is purity personified: a single piece in one material, it has no need for frames or supports. The hinges are attached directly to the material, which presents the same look inside and out. In the middle, the door reaches a minimum thickness of 6mm, which ensures that the weight complies with standards. This is achieved by using tools developed specially by Stone Italiana.

It looks like a classic cabinet door, but reworked using the technological and aesthetic standards that distinguish Stone Italiana: top-quality materials, minimalist design and purity of line. Usability, sturdiness, harmonious aesthetics and care for our planet are the distinguishing features of a new kitchen, a kitchen made from Cosmolite.


Stone Italiana

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