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A versatile and dynamic lamp, ready to personalize any space

28 December 2023

ACROSS by Luceplan, design Pio & Tito Toso


The result of the first collaboration between Luceplan and the studio Pio & Tito Toso, Across is a versatile and dynamic lamp, ready to personalize any space, “crossing” it with a clear, distinctive graphic gesture. A linear suspension lamp composed of three interconnected axes of different sizes, to create compositions with different images and levels of complexity.

The structure is formed by a horizontal extruded body that contains an optical group for direct lighting, and two hinged elements that make it possible to attach the lamp to the wall or the ceiling. The lamp’s adaptability gives rise to various configurations to respond to different technical and stylistic needs. The tie-rods, in fact, when placed perpendicular to the support base, grant the product a rigorous, formal profile; when they are slanted, the unit takes on a more dynamic, energetic appearance.

The LED light source – slightly recessed in the central axis – brightens the space below in a uniform, glare-free way. The body of the lamp is struck by the light in different ways, depending on the positioning of the components, bringing elegant effects of contrast into play. Across comes in two sizes (180 cm and 102 cm) and four finishes (white, black and the new colors green and blue). The built-in linear LED light source is easy to remove and replace, in line with European regulations on the development and support of a circular economy, where design pays increasingly close attention to environmental factors. Across is an ideal choice in residences and public spaces, offices or business centers.



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