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Agua Table and Wall lamp by Karman

5 September 2022

Design: Edmondo Testaguzza and Matteo Ugolini


When designing the new Agua wall and table lamp by Karman, Matteo Ugolini and Edmondo Testaguzza were inspired by a drop of pure, clear morning dew reflecting the light of dawn after a calm night. The thick hand-blown glass spotlight is curved and comes with a transparent or frosted finish. Its design casts halos on the wall or on reflective surfaces.

The LED light source is protected by an internal dome diffuser and the base is made of black anodized aluminium. Whether you choose to cast intriguing shapes on an indoor or outdoor wall or use the lamp as an individual source of light on a side table or in a hidden corner of the house or garden, the Agua lamp floats with an imperceptible lightness, like a pleasant morning dream.


Material: transparent or frosted glass, black anodized aluminium base

Light source: LED

Dimensions 13cm wide and 9cm thick

Use: indoor and outdoor



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