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Archetto Freedom® Antonangeli Architectural

28 November 2021

Design Gianfranco Marabese 2021


A new project joining the Archetto Collection that, since 2012, offers to designers a ‘bright pencil’ with which to interpret the light in a gentle and intimate way. The research made by Antonangeli further investigates with Archetto Freedom® the matter and the technology at the foundation of the products conception: continuing a passionate journey.


The spatialism and the infinite dimension

Archetto Freedom® embraces from the ‘Spatialism’ the liberty of the creative act. The vision is that of Lucio Fontana: founder of the movement, that privileged the creative will, more than the finished product. The artist used to investigate the system to develop space with emptiness and light: anticipating the research on movement of ‘Light and Space’, born in the ’60 and ’70 in the United States, and of other artists, like the renowned Dan Flavin, that ventured in luminous works of art using the neon. Generating light with the cold cathode and shaping the glass with the blowtorch, has generated in the last 50 years creations that have inordinate charm, but also great fragility: often unique, but also immovable, artworks.

Today, Archetto Freedom® provides with a malleable light profile, shapeable with your hands, that permits to construct free shapes in the space: free forms for the interpretation of the viewer. In this way, every project becomes a unique artwork, reusable for other interpretations, given the possibility to reshape the light profile, repeatedly.

5 meters of extruded and self-dissipating silicon with ‘shapeable’ metal inner core, that maintains the imprinted form, hosting inside two opposing strip LED: white, white and RGB, RGB. Each segment is provided with 5 suspension cables with rapid connection and a 2-meter power cable.  The manual shaping of the profile creates lines that meet each other and wind in free flight, infinite. Hanging them on is easy and it is simple to create soft architectures of light.


“Water makes the clouds. Light makes the landscape.”

Gilles Clément, Nuvole/Nuages



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