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Buzzi & Buzzi expands the iron collection range

24 January 2023

The new 48v miniaturized products


Buzzi & Buzzi, a well-established Italian indoor and outdoor lighting company capable of combining technique and aesthetics in a unique and innovative concept, announces an important range update for the Iron Collection line: the NANO 48V family of miniaturized lighting modules. Exhibited for the first time in early October at the fall edition of Light + Building 2022, Buzzi & Buzzi’s new lighting products elevate one of the aspects on which the company has focused most in recent years: luminaire miniaturization. The revamped Iron Collection 2022 line, dedicated to all of the brand’s luminaires made of metal, reinterprets the concept of miniaturization by applying it not only to models already established in the range but also to brand-new products introduced for the first time in the Iron catalog.


U1 NANO 48V: a compact and flexible disk of light

The absolute star of the Buzzi & Buzzi booth at Light + Building, the brand new U1 NANO 48V is an indoor LED projector designed to be installed in the 48V miniaturized N-INSIDE and N10 recessed and surface-mounted tracks, respectively. From the 73.5 mm diameter disk-shaped body, made of aluminum and available in four finishes –matt white, matt black, champagne and rose gold – a defined and powerful light (6W – 750lm) is emitted, capable of enhancing every detail within the design space.


L1 NANO 48V: ultra-compact fully recessed module

L1 NANO 48V fully embraces the concept of miniaturization according to Buzzi & Buzzi, taking full advantage of the reduced footprint made possible by LED technology. In fact, this linear module with an aluminum core disappears entirely into the internal housing of the 48V N-INSIDE (recessed) and N10 (surface-mounted or suspended) tracks, thanks to its width of only 10 mm (as opposed to 25 mm for the standard L1 48V version). A winning solution for drawing lines of light with a remarkable aesthetic impact without sacrificing the illuminating power (the module is available in 6W or 12W versions) and high efficiency of Buzzi & Buzzi fixtures.


THE TUBE NANO 48V: maximum power in 15 mm diameter

The new THE TUBE NANO 48V is the compact, 48V evolution of the iconic Buzzi & Buzzi suspension fixture capable of impressing lighting professionals with its ability to illuminate large spaces despite a light-emitting hole with a diameter of only 15 mm. There are numerous customization options, with a choice of five finishes including matt white, matt black, chrome, champagne and rose gold.


Y1 NANO 48V: elegant, discreet and powerful projector

The intrinsic versatility of the Y1 is now also NANO 48V: the Buzzi & Buzzi projector that makes discretion one of its strong points becomes more compact in its base, which measures 150 mm in length as opposed to 165 mm in the standard 48V version. Unchanged are the dimensions of the illuminating cylinder, carved from a single block of aluminum and available in matt white, matt black, chrome or brass finish: 70 mm in length and 30 mm in diameter, for a power of 8W and a luminous efficacy of 800lm. The product is also distinguished by an arm system that can be swiveled on the vertical axis by 360° and the horizontal axis by 90° with concealed joints, and by glare-free illumination, due to its relegated source.

The progressive reduction of the overall dimensions of fixtures has always been a distinguishing feature for Buzzi & Buzzi, which for more than 30 years has specialized in the development and production of almost totally recessed disappearing products that leave the light playing the role of true protagonist, enhancing the beauty of the spaces in which they are installed. In the revamped Iron Collection 2022, the miniaturization of lighting accents is combined with the robust, versatile and discreetly elegant features of Buzzi & Buzzi’s track products, creating additional appeal for architects, planners and lighting designers who turn to the Italian brand for their lighting projects in residential, horeca or retail settings that require discreet but effective lighting.


To learn more about the technical features of the new NANO 48V products by Buzzi & Buzzi:






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