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Circus pendant, made from blown glass for Karman

18 July 2021

Design: Matteo Ugolini + Edmondo Testaguzza


Circus is a line of three suspension lights made from blown glass with a beautiful white “fabric” filigree motif. These lamps are hand-crafted using an ancient technique dating back to the sixteenth century, which involves winding and lengthening milky white strips of glass onto molten glass.

Contrasting bands give the collection a soft, symmetrical look reminiscent of a circus tent, hence its name. The product of real skill, each piece is unique and comes in three different shapes and sizes, which can be combined to create original compositions.


Colour: matt white

Material: glass

Lighting source: 1x E27 max 105W


Model A Ø 32 cm x H 31 cm

Model B Ø 24 cm x H 28 cm

Model C Ø 24 cm x H 36 cm

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