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Filomena, the pendant system for sophisticated acrobatics by Karman

29 October 2021

Design: Matteo Ugolini


The core element of the Filomena suspension system is a simple black aluminium cone. The system branches out from this core element towards the ceilings and walls, and can be suspended from different heights by means of a long, thin cable, which allows for sophisticated acrobatics.

Two cones can be installed along the cable. The smaller cone directs light downwards, while the larger cone directs light upwards. The cones can be spaced apart and hooked to the ceiling or wall using special black aluminium deviators. The power supply can be placed on the floor, recessed into the wall, or hidden by a white plaster ceiling rose with a floral motif.


Material: black aluminum

Lighting source: up LED 24V 16,8W + down LED 24V 8,4W

Cable length:

  • Floor/Ceiling: 8 mt
  • Wall lamp: 8 mt
  • Pendant: 3 mt

Cone dimensions:

  • Big: diam. 11cm, h 9,5 cm
  • Small: diam. 7cm, h 6 cm
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