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Hugo Architectural System: versatile solutions for domestic and public spaces

25 November 2020

Receives distinction for high design quality with the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2019


Slamp has won a Red Dot Award for Product Design, 2019. The Hugo Architectural System received the Red Dot, which the renowned jury only awards to products that feature outstanding design.

The Hugo Architectural System provides versatile solutions for a wide range of spaces, both domestic and public. These high-quality, technical suspensions also reflect Slamp’s modern aesthetics. Refined, linear design makes Hugo particularly fitting for professional or large-scale areas, where multiple suspensions can be freely arranged in myriad shapes and heights; use your imagination!

The Architectural system lets users install 2 to 7 Hugo suspensions using only one ceiling rose and one electrical output, and the flexible connection cables bend and move between each, allowing for endless design possibilities.

The system is in line with the UNI EN 12464-1:2011 standard.

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