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Imperfetto and the constant search for balance

6 December 2022

For Elesi Luce, light can influence the perception of space and emotions


For Elesi Luce, light is not just a matter of physics but also an element able to influence our perception of space and emotions. Each person has preferences about the type, colour, and power of light in a particular place and time. By maximizing this concept, the lamp becomes an object that reflects our way of being, like the LikeQ lamp from the 2021 collection and the new Imperfetto lamp.

Imperfetto originates from the study of symmetrical and asymmetrical inclinations that, in movement, seek and reach a perfect balance. A meeting of different solids that create their harmony of shapes. Unique and different from every perspective, it allows the eye to grasp new details from every point of view. The lamp inside has a green technological heart and has been designed according to eco-design standards: the integrated LEDs and the driver can be replaced directly at the installation site.

Low consumption, the possibility of being repaired to increase the product life cycle, and the recyclability of the materials are the characteristics that make Imperfetto an environmentally friendly lamp, whose purchase also represents a concrete action to safeguard the world hosting us.

Light + Building 2022 is the international showcase where Imperfetto was officially presented to the public.

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