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In the Gritti project, the wonder of glass explodes in Marc Sadler’s expressions of light

9 March 2023

A French designer born in Austria, Marc Sadler has lived and worked in France, the United States, Asia and Italy. He graduated in “esthétique industrielle” from ENSAD in Paris and is a pioneer in the experimentation of materials and the contamination between technologies, which have become distinctive aspects of his work. Despite his reputation as a technical designer, Marc Sadler is passionate about painting and sculpture, as well as all forms of visual art that stimulate a strong emotional engagement.

In the Gritti project, these apparent historical contradictions between art and technology (which have characterised the history of design since the last century) are combined with a centuries-old tradition of Venetian glassmaking and the most advanced technological and lighting solutions. In this collection, with the design of a master, comes a new emotional dimension giving form and substance to the expressions of ancient art, today perfectly integrated with the efficient functionality of all applications of contemporary lighting.



Goddess of the home and the hearth, she burns with light with her glass flames that unfold from above in a three-dimensional game of controlled randomness.



As Calypso held Ulysses, the bundle of elegantly shaped glasses is anchored to the central ring refracting the light downwards in a suggestive way.



The Goddess of wisdom and arts is represented by a lighting body that blends the mechanical geometries of the folded metal arms, joined with the particular plate-printed glass terminals. A set that offers a strategic play of lights and shapes



An elegant breeze from goddess Aura with a transparent glass body filled with coloured cotisso, that from waste material elevates to a noble element of extreme charm.



The sorceress of divine powers is able to transform a delicate little bright flower into a bouquet with undefined borders, with a one-of-a-kind effect.



The light of the aurora that precedes dawn licks the spheres of Eos, concealing his intrinsic eccentricity at first glance.



Spotlights like a hundred eyes, enclosed within tubular glass with vibrant effects, in a contemporary and minimalist style.

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