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Karman’s Sahara: warm light, suspended oasis of great striking impact

22 November 2020

Design Matteo Ugolini


No, it’s not an optical illusion! It’s warm lighting, it’s pure reminiscence, it’s a living matter, glossy, intense in its emerald green. Nature enters directly in our home surroundings with the shape of ceramic suspensions reminding of big cactus of Saharan desert.

Giving the fact that in the field of nature everything differs from each-other, Karman used a special process of oxidising, in order to create a nuance of green and some imperfections which helps making every piece different from each other and a unique piece. For Sahara collection ceramic looses its cold aspect and becomes a soft surface inviting one to come nearer, inviting to touch, tickles one’s view and reminds of scents of far away territories.

The same effect remains for the same collection in glossy white ceramic. Four different shapes: how difficult to select the best one! The best thing to do is to think of them as a full set and fabulous oasis.

Pictures: felice di comunicare


Technical information

Installation: suspension

Material: glossy ceramic

Colours: outer structure in copper green ceramic + inner part in white ceramic; white + white

  1. Ø 14 h 40
  2. Ø 23 h 17
  3. Ø 29 h 35
  4. Ø 35 h 24
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