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Laetus: an illuminating, or rather, illuminated fixture

8 May 2024

An internal, even inner light that illuminates the soul of the vitreous matter. Not a lighting, but an illuminated fixture. Laetus, the polychrome blown glass vase made by Murano Style and designed by Enrico Sorrentino, may seem obvious, but it is not at all, thanks to a light source softly hidden inside. A light revealing colours, shapes, and textures that would be impossible to notice without it.

Laetus is a “lit” vase revealing all the beauty of murrine, a vase appreciated with the darkness complicity underlining luminous colours never seen before, creating an almost magical, surreal atmosphere. An extraordinary original vase, not to be understood and placed as a piece of furniture for its own sake but rather as a precious work of glass art whose content lies precisely in its unique, new relationship with light.


Murano Style

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