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Layla, the new table lamp resulting from the collab. between Serena Confalonieri and MM Lampadari

16 November 2022

Its profile takes the shape of old oil lamps and old night lights, warm and reassuring objects that give the room an intimate atmosphere, recalling a domestic imagination. In fact, the name Layla derives from the Arabic word ليلى (laylah) which means “night”, and suggests the use of the lamp in the most intimate environments, accompanying until the moment of sleep.

The collection is made of blown glass and characterized by soft and welcoming shapes. The finishes chosen by Serena Confalonieri play by diversifying the upper part, transparent and monochromatic, from the lower one, opaque and striped. The lamp thus becomes a lighting body: in the upper part, the light is more direct, filtered only by the colour of the transparent glass, while in the lower the opaque glass allows only a part of it to pass, transforming itself into a warm and enveloping translucent body. The result is a kaleidoscopic mix of colours, a perfect dialogue between form and decoration.

The images taken under the art direction of Serena Confalonieri for the collection launch resume the concept recreating a world in balance between reality and dream with reference to ethereal and surreal atmospheres.

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