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LEDVANCE’s Sun@Home products with SunLike technology

21 March 2022

At the end of 2021 the announcement by Seoul Semicoductor concerning the choice of SunLike by LEDVANCE, a premium brand in the home lighting sector: the beginning of a real revolution for the choices of every single consumer in the lighting sector for home


SUN@HOME is the new range of Ledvance lamps and fixtures based on Human Centric Lighting technology that manages to bring the same beneficial sensations of natural light into the home, in full trend with new ways of living and working. Thanks to the exclusive SunLike full spectrum LEDs, the SUN @ HOME range provides a better quality of light in terms of atmosphere and a better color rendering in terms of naturalness and comfort, moreover, by imitating the course of the day, it ideally supports the human biological rhythm.

All this allows you to improve your concentration and energy during the day and the intensity of sleep during the night, favoring an increase in general well-being and performance. SUN @ HOME significantly changes the daily routine: the morning yoga session becomes the ideal start to the day thanks to the atmosphere of dawn (2,500K). During the day, daylight white light (5,000K) improves the level of activity and alertness by increasing the concentration and efficiency of those who work from home. And in the evening, the high quality light of the hearth (2,200K) creates a real warm and welcoming atmosphere, which has a balancing effect and ideally prepares for a relaxed sleep, improving its rhythm and intensity.

SUN @ HOME products not only stand out for the positive influence they exert on our body, but they can also be intelligently controlled, making it a breeze to switch from a relaxed atmosphere of well-being to the right light to focus on work. Thanks to the automatic control of biological rhythms, it is also possible to use other intelligent functions for well-being, for example, natural awakening with fading light or adjusting the lighting according to the climate.

In the SUN @ HOME range there are 19 products including lamps for the home office (table, floor and monitor), mood lighting, wall, recessed, ceiling and lamps. An additional advantage: all appliances are equipped with a special transparent coating that sanitizes and improves the air in the home, significantly reducing germs, bacteria and bad odors. In addition to light, you can therefore also benefit from better air quality.

Many people are unaware of how great the influence of light is on the body, our performance and even our well-being“, explains Dr. Oliver Vogler, Western Europe CEO of LEDVANCE. “With SUN @ HOME, people have the opportunity for the first time to bring illumination very similar to daylight into their homes, to benefit from its positive effect and also to choose from the many designs available.”


All SunLike technology in the LEDVANCE SUN@HOME line

SunLike is Seoul Semicondutor‘s exclusive LED technology, created thanks to the initial contribution of Toshiba Materials, able to faithfully reproduce the natural spectrum of sunlight (the intensity of each of the wavelengths of the visible spectrum including red, orange, yellow, green, blue, navy and purple) improving learning abilities such as memory, correct answer rate, speed of learning and recognition as confirmed by the clinical study conducted by Dr. Rahaman from Harvard University.


More information on SUN@HOME here.

An overview of the new SUN@HOME lamps and luminaires here.

Lighting equipment products utilizing SunLike are listed on Seoul Semiconductor’s website.

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