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Lighting systems come to life in a perspective of modular design and versatile composition

25 October 2023

Illan, design by Zsuzsanna Horvath for Luceplan


Light form, technological innovation and sustainability are the traits of the new wall version of Illan designed by Zsuzsanna Horvath for Luceplan.

The Illan lamp with a LED source that emits a soft, warm glow is attached to the casting, the structure in laser-cut layered wood, extremely thin and flexible clads the body of the lamp and determines the characteristic geometric design of Illan.

The shade is obtained from the surplus from the production of the Illan suspension model, namely the scraps from the sheet of wood utilized to cut out the lamp. The salvaging of scrap materials makes the entire working process more sustainable in terms of production and the environment. Thanks to its characteristic soft, light silhouette and the skillful use of the LED source, Illan creates comfortable and relaxing settings of forceful emotional impact.

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