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Light + sound + texture

18 September 2020

ACUSTICA identifies the new family of products designed by Metalmek Illuminazione

This is a series of professional lighting devices, integrated with high-performance sound-absorbing panels. The dual nature of the products is determined by the increasing attention of architects for the acoustic design of environments, especially in retail and office: open spaces with a high density of public. In the absence of an adequate design synergy, very often the lighting products placed within a given environment come into conflict with the acoustic ones. ACUSTICA was created to solve this type of design inefficiency through an integrated, customizable and always performing solution, without compromises.

ACUSTICA guarantees, in a single product, the right amount of light and sound absorption: designed specifically for each specific application. This is the distinctive trait of our products: customization! The added value that has always distinguished Metalmek products can now also be applied to the new line of devices with integrated sound absorption. Thanks to the chosen assembly technologies we are able to modulate our new products with extreme ease: in the linear dimensions (from 200 to 3000mm), in the available thicknesses (42mm/87mm/132mm), in the applicable textile covering. For each space its customized product.



– Spot anodized aluminum

– Opal methacrylate diffuser

– Microprismatic methacrylate diffuser



– Low 42mm

– Medium 87mm

– High132mm



– Polyester

– Recycled polyester

– Wool + polyamide



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