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Marble: the raw material as a source of beauty in the design lamps of MM Lampadari

28 July 2023

The natural beauty and veins of the marble enhance the material and make each creation a unique and non-replicable piece of design. Thanks to its ethereal elegance, the marble finishes give lightness and preciousness to the MM Lampadari lamps, becoming a timeless style choice suitable for any environment.



Designed by Serena Confalonieri, Mata is a collection of wall lamp inspired by art deco jewels, and it’s designed to embellish the surfaces it’s mounted on, thanks to a mix of geometric shapes and materials, where a cast opal glass slab and a cylindrical volume made in solid marble elegantly overlap.



The simplicity of the glass and its shapes enhanced by the white marbled finish gives lightness and preciousness. Supported by a simple structure in painted metal, this hanging lamp leaves the light source recognizable while mitigating the visual impact.


MM Lampadari 

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