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Talking with Marc Sadler: the latest creations for Olev

22 September 2020

French citizen born in Austria, Marc Sadler currently lives in Milan. Experimentation with plastics has often formed a key part of his acivity. He already showed a strong curiosity for the subject choosing it for his thesis at ENSAD in Paris. He is a consultant for companies in the fields of home furnishings, large and small household appliances, lighting, technically advanced products, and sports. Despite his reputation as a technical designer, Marc Sadler has a strong feeling for painting and drawing, finding it so emotionally absorbing as to consider it his real passion.

“We met the CEO of OLEV Andrea Lanaro at the beginning of 2019 and, since we found ourselves to be on the same wavelength, we developed a partnership aimed at an ambitious project: bringing distinction and quality to a “light project” capable of confirming its own intrinsic specificity in the panorama of decorative lighting. First of all, Andrea is a great lover of the subject of which he is a great connoisseur; his roots originate from the illumination in which he was immersed from a very young age: from there the awareness of me relying on solid foundations, on a concrete savoir faire associated with a dynamic entrepreneurial spirit, ready to continually step up their game. In other words, the perfect ingredients for venturing along unexplored paths and imagining distant goals.

The first result of our partnership materialised at Euroluce 2019, in which OLEV participated for the first time. Despite the limited time available, a task force was organised that worked on multiple fronts: on the one hand, an integrated design path (from product design to process design), to optimize component modularity and production with a view to rationalising the collections; at the same time, a significant number of new decorative lighting bodies were created, united by LED technology, moulded to achieve the perfect symbiosis between functional and emotional light.”



The beam of the spotlight is attenuated by the shaded glass sphere that contains it. The external disk, which supports the light source, consists of a micro-perforated metal sheet with sound-absorbing properties. Eclipse Nuance Silence is intended for residential as well as for contract environments thanks to the dual functionality of an illuminating and sound-absorbing element. Sound-absorbing lamp | Ø 720 mm | 5,4 W | 2700/3000/4000°K  |  534/557/627 lm | IP 20

Sound-absorbing lamp | Ø 720 mm | 5,4 W | 2700/3000/4000°K  |  534/557/627 lm | IP 20


Stage Horizontal Silence is a suspension lamp with horizontal development that integrates sound-absorbing properties. It consists of a micro-perforated metal sheet and an aluminium profile that houses the linear LED light source. Sound-absorbing lamp | L 1600  H 86   P 440 mm |  44 W | 3000/4000°K  |  6390/6446 lm | IP 20


Drum is an entirely wireless table lamp with a rechargeable battery. The Dim to Warm LED technology lets you adjust the intensity and colour of the light to create an elegant and fascinating atmosphere. Battery lamp  | Ø 112  H 195 mm   | 2 W | 2400/2700/3000°K  |  63/118/263 lm | IP 20


Boom is a floor lamp with a slender and minimalist line, for indoor and outdoor use. Available in two versions exceeding 2 and 4 metres, the height is the style of this floor lamp, particularly suitable even for very high rooms. A cylindrical aluminium spotlight is supported by two carbon stems fixed onto a cast base equipped with several points to adjust the inclination of the light beam.

H 2400 / 4000 m  | 5,8 W | 3000°K  |  589 lm | IP 20 indoor  IP 67 outdoor


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