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New catalogue TECH 2020 by Rossini Illuminazione

26 January 2021

With its ninety-years history, Rossini Illuminazione is an authentic institution in the lighting sector able to design and manufacture many families of products to offer the clients accurate solutions for every lighting designing projects. The new TECH catalogue is now available in its renewed “Blu Rossini” look, presenting new products, absolute innovations and the development of the product families as an improvement of the best-selling products offered by the company: a tangible sign of consistent presence on the market and the continuous evolution to higher standards, both from a technical and from a qualitative point of view.

Many new features for designers, architects, installers and lighting professionals; 32 new product families under the NEW brand, and 52 subject to aesthetic and technical changes, identified under the RESTYLE logo. Products having high technical features, such as Yugen the 42-volt magnetic track only 7mm wide, Kompo the modular recessed luminaire with great versatility and modularity, combining different colour finishes with a purely decorative taste with a broad technological choice of LED chip, or Voyager recessed and ceiling luminaire with PMMA lens and polycarbonate reflector for high output performance and UGR <9, particularly suitable for the retail or office sector. Also new is the division of the LED strips into standard and professional and the inclusion of two new versions of the Daikon family: Neon flex and Bendable allowing the creation of curves and geometries without any shadow.

New in the catalogue are some of Rossini’s collection LED products; it reports both the brand of the supplied LED chips and the SDCM value (Standard Deviation of Color Matching) to describe the tolerance of the LED chips in terms of colour deviation from the given CCCT value. The catalogue includes a 5-year guarantee on products highlighted with a dedicated logo and provides the LED duration expressed in hours with the indication of the total hours of operation under usual conditions. Also, the new TECH catalogue winks at the lighting design thanks to the ProgettaMI initiative: a selection of 11 luminaires product families manufactured in Italy and dedicated to interior and exterior lighting projects.

TECH is supported by the top-level services traditionally offered by Rossini: Fast delivery for deliveries to the local customers within 24-48 working hours, Ready to Go for the items at the stock with online availability-check in real-time, and a dedicated team of experts able to guide customers during all the project steps, from the solution of possible technical issues to the costs and benefits analysis of the choice made. Thanks to professional software and the virtual environment reproduction the team can simulate the lights and colour rendering, analyzing energy savings therefore suggesting the most suitable lighting fixtures for every kind of project. As for the DECO catalogue, the new TECH one also shows the logo Made in Milano to highlight the products entirely conceived, manufactured and assembled in Italy, thus adding value to the productive partnerships transferring quality and technical know-how of Italian excellence to the company. Technology, design and service are the pillars of the new TECH, addressed to designers, installers and final clients with specific solutions for every kind of use in residential, commercial, office and retail areas.


RossiniGroup is a well-structured organization in the lighting world, which now includes the historic Rossini Illuminazione, the Plexiform brand and the multi-brand showroom Overlite in Milan. The Group is active in the Italian and international market with a comprehensive range, dedicated both to the public and to those working in the sector: designers, lighting engineers, installers and contractors. Rossini Illuminazione is an authenic institution in the lighting field working since 1929 in the Milan area, now selling a complete range – both decorative and technical – for interior, exterior, home and office: almost 5,000 items subdivided into two volumes of the catalogue, DECO and TECH.

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