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New colors for String Lights and Coordinates

2 February 2022

Design Michael Anastassiades


On the occasion of Milano Design Week 2021, String Lights and Coordinates, the families of lamps designed by Michael Anastassiades for Flos, are presented with new color finishes. The two families of lamps represent the perfect synthesis of the poetic minimalism of the Cypriot designer active with his studio in London. With String Lights and Coordinates, Anastassiades has drawn on pure and original shapes, both simple and sophisticated, now enhanced by new nuances. The new finishes add contemporary notes to the timeless elegance that distinguishes the Anastassiades’ creations from the beginning. In the new version of String Lights, originally available with black diffusers, an intense powder blue with a soft touch finish meets white and amplifies the refined game of geometries of the sphere or cone lighting bodies.

The lamp consists of a black electric wire that enters into a relationship with the architecture of a space, fitting precisely into the lines formed by the walls of a room. Two different light sources protrude from the wire: the first in the shape of an isosceles triangle, the second shaped as a sphere. A system of tensors gives volume and a 3D effect to the dotted shape of the light cord playing with space, while the two lamps diffuse a warm LED light.

Materials: aluminum, polycarbonate

Light souce: LED array 21W 1375lm 2700K CRI90 dimmable touch o dimmable Casambi

Standard finish: black. New finishes: white, blue


Coordinates Argent: conjuring up a night effect

Originally available in an anodized champagne version, Coordinates is enriched with the Argent finish, a nuance with a metallic brilliance conceived to activate ancestral memories related to the night and the moon. Through Coordinates and its family, Anastassiades has brought poetry into Cartesian minimalism at the basis of this essential and scenographic lighting system. The lamp, originally designed as a custom-made solution for the main dining room of the Four Seasons restaurant in New York, consists of a set of infinitely repeatable modules composed of grids of horizontal and vertical light bars suitable for any size and height setting. The family consists of four chandelier models of different shapes and sizes, three versions of ceiling fixtures in two lengths, a floor lamp and the latest Coordinates Wall.

Materials: extruded aluminum, platinic silicone extruded opal

Light source: STRIP LED 2700K CRI95

Finishes: anodized champagne, argent


“My work stems from an idea of ​​subtraction. An object stripped and brought back to its bare essentiality is the ultimate, definitive expression of beauty.”

Michael Anastassiades

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