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Oluce presents the new “Mini Coupé”

29 October 2021

The 2021 collection with the “mini” version of one of its most iconic designs: the Coupé lamp by Joe Colombo


Oluce lighting’s design aesthetic is crisp, linear, and decorative. A subtle, intellectual beauty that over the years has contributed to the company producing some of the most famous and admired iconic lighting in the world. The company has chosen one of these very icons to preview its new products for 2021. By updating the size and colour range of Joe Colombo’s celebrated Coupé lamp, a stunning new version has been created: the “mini” version.

Coupé originated in 1967 from the creative intuition of Joe Colombo, who initially designed it as a variation on a lamp already in the company’s collection, the Spider, retaining its base and stem. Starting from these bold, simple features – the base, the stem and the adjustable cover serving as a shade – the designer created one of Oluce’s best-known families. This year, having offered the Coupé in a variety of different models and finishes over the years, Oluce is expanding the family with the introduction of Mini Coupé, a smaller scale version of the table lamp, available in a stunning new contemporary range of colours. Shades of glossy black, anodic bronze, mustard yellow and scarlet will bring verve and fresh modernity to this smaller version of one of the most famous and admired lamps in the world.

At 34 cm in height and in brand new colours, the Mini Coupé wittily maintains all the vigour common to Joe Colombo’s designs of the 60s, a time when design aimed to fulfil a function while also making an aesthetic statement, when experimentation with new materials, use of colour, movement, and the desire to break new ground were the guiding lights of his creations. The Mini Coupé, with its chrome stem and semi-cylindrical shade, retains the distinctive profile and bold character which define the Coupé collection and which have always made it an exceptionally modern lighting range, now even more complete. As a testament to its international success, it won the International Design Award from the American Institute of Interior Designers in Chicago the year after its creation and is included in the permanent collection of both the MoMA in New York and the Neue Sammlung Museum in Munich.

Founded in 1945, Oluce is the oldest Italian design company still active in the lighting sector and over the years has built an extensive collection, producing some of the most iconic lamps of the last few decades. Furthermore, with its Bespoke Tailoring service, Oluce offers an extremely flexible product personalisation service able to design and create lighting for the home and for the contract furnishing sector. In addition to the products available in the catalogue, the company offers the opportunity to create tailor-made lamps for specific needs or produce modular variations of products from pre-existing collections.

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