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Outdoor lighting has a new dimension

23 June 2023

[LND] announces its new range of linear lamps


[LND], or Landa Illuminotecnica, an Italian outdoor lighting company recognized internationally for the combination of technical excellence and aesthetic research, announces the expansion of its general catalog of outdoor lamps with new linear products characterized by cutting-edge solutions. The light of [LND], both technical and decorative, is designed, developed, and produced in Italy with the aim of defining the external architecture, valuing its volumes and making it livable even when the sun goes down.

Regardless of whether the customer/designer’s choice is oriented towards decorative products or more functional ones, all lamps signed by [LND] represent the perfect solution for intelligent and reasoned lighting. The new products, with their characteristic linear shape, are part of the general catalog of [LND], a wide range of products born to express the best of technical and functional lighting according to Landa. With [LND]’s new linear modules, the aesthetics and precision of the brand are expressed in the most direct format possible: pure and simple lines of light ready to illuminate the darkness with power, elegance, and reliability. The new formats enrich the Eye, Fog, and Car-Go families, enhancing their versatility of use in unprecedented scenarios.

Eye_L introduces the concept of linearity into the iconic ceiling lamp of [LND]. A product that stands out for the balance between strong geometric impact and functional output. Eye_L is the contemporary solution designed to enhance green spaces and external areas of residential and commercial buildings, thanks to an extruded body in EN AW6060 aluminum and the extra-clear glass diffuser. Available in the ceiling version (also recessed) or projector, Eye_L boasts five different light beams – spot, medium, flood, elliptic, grazing – and a wide range of lengths – 130, 300, 600, and 900 mm – and powers – 5.5, 18, 34, and 54W. Personalization is also at its maximum, with five finishes to choose from to achieve perfect integration with the surrounding environment: black, graphite, grey, oxide, and white.

Fog_L is the linear alternative with a diffused beam for ceiling and wall applications (also recessed) or in projector version, where the LED light gently envelops outdoor environments, providing a comfortable and always impactful mood. In this case, the device body is made of EN AW6060 die-cast aluminum, while the LED light emission takes place through a satin opal glass. Fog_L offers a wide choice of lengths – 130, 300, 600, and 900 mm – corresponding to three different powers – 2,5, 12, 24, and 34W. Fog_L is also customizable in the surface finish with black, graphite, grey, oxide, and white variants.

Car-Go_L represents the “rugged” solution for all those applications that require a high level of resistance. Even in its linear L version, Car-Go is the top-recessed luminaire from flooring and ground in the vast Landa range. Car-Go_L is the linear version of the [LND] range, designed for installation in driveways. This feature is made possible thanks to its high resistance to external mechanical stress: Car-Go_L, like non-linear variants, can withstand the pressure exerted by a 2,000 kg vehicle at 20 km/h with IK>8 anti-shock certification. The luminous emission is ensured by the tempered satin extra-clear glass, while the body is made of extruded aluminum EN AW6026. Installable via a Nylon subframe with a maximum depth of up to 9.5 cm, Car-Go_L is available in four lengths – 130, 300, 600, and 900 mm – each corresponding to four different powers – 2,5, 12, 24, and 34W.

Eye L, Fog L, and Car-Go_L, like all other products in the [LND] range, undergo anti-oxidation treatments that make them highly resistant to weather and external agents. This aspect also allows customers to amortize maintenance interventions and extend the life cycle of the products.

[LND], always dedicated to research and design, continues to renew its range of products with proposals that combine aesthetics and efficiency for optimal performance in every type of project. These characteristics are fully confirmed with the new linear format, the aesthetic variant that was missing in the rich range of outdoor lighting products signed [LND].

The essence of [LND] is preparing to take on a new form, expanding literally in width and exploiting all the potential of LED technology.

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