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Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin of the Holy Rosary of Pompeii

30 November 2022

Metalmek Lighting studied lighting solutions that respect the architectural characteristics and the wonderful works of art inside


The architectural space of a Sanctuary like that of Pompeii, requires sensitivity and professional skills that take into account both the spiritual character of the place and the artistic-pictorial aspect with the presence of wonderful paintings and frescoes. In addition, the relationship between natural and artificial light must be taken into account in each lighting project. A project of artificial lighting of a place of worship, always begins after a careful analysis of the atmospheres created during the daytime, from the natural light within the sacred architecture with an artistic identity and the specific needs of worship sensitive to the particular spiritual character of the Sanctuary.

Metalmek Lighting with its own professionals, competent consultants and support of specific software, studied for months, the correct artificial lighting for a lighting solution that respects the architectural characteristics identifying the specific needs as a place of worship and the site of wonderful works of art inside. The collaboration with Eelectron, a company specialized in home automation, has allowed to design a lighting solution in line with the architectural, and artistic characteristics that symbolize the Sanctuary and with the needs of religious worship.


The new lighting project of the Sanctuary

Metalmek Lighting is an Italian company that has been producing lighting fixtures for interiors for almost 50 years. Through its own technical office it has been able to carry out a series of specific lighting calculations to recreate the spaces in 3D and to design the right light necessary for every need within the Sanctuary: contemplation of the wonderful and numerous works of art; the explosion of light for an important cult event or for an atmosphere of intimacy and deep recollection.

Thanks to its internal production, Metalmek Lighting has been able to customize the lighting fixtures chosen according to the lighting requirements and of installation planned within the Sanctuary. The use of the innovative COB LED technology Citizen type BBL with a great color rendering more than 90%, has improved the enhancement of the works of art present in the Sanctuary. All lighting fixtures have been installed with DALI drivers that have allowed to interface with the KNX home automation system made by Eelectron.


History of the implementation of the executive project and the implementation of the work

Once all the available data has been gathered and shared during meetings with the technical leaders of the Sanctuary, the project for the construction of the new lighting system began. The goals on which the new plant was designed were mainly two:

  • Re-lamping of existing lighting fixtures;
  • Impossibility of adding new light points.


Main objectives achieved during the project were:

  • Significant energy savings;
  • Use of new LED technologies at the same time as a KNX home automation system and programming of light scenarios;
  • Creation of special scenarios both for a place of worship and for a museum area, considering the influence of natural light during the opening hours of the Sanctuary.

In addition, a reference point for the design was the directives of the CEI, Italian Episcopal Conference, issued for the construction of new churches and realization of lighting installation. Following the instrumental measurement of the present lux in various points of the Basilica, the verification presented a very poor scenario of lux available at a level absolutely insufficient to enhance the architectural beauty. Specialized technicians have mapped the lighting fixtures existing and have detected with instrumental measurements the existing lighting technology.


The new lighting system realized

All Metalmek/Lival lighting fixtures, a total of 361, have been designed and customized for the Sanctuary:

  • 117 ceiling lighting fixtures with direct light;
  • 235 ceiling lighting fixtures with indirect light;
  • 9 custom suspended fitting with double emission and gold leaf finish;
  • 13 kW of installed power;
  • power/surface ratio of 5.70 W/m2;
  • 30 lighting programs and ad hoc scenarios for every function foreseen in the Sanctuary.



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