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SME: innovation and sustainability in urban lighting

13 October 2023

In the scenery of modern LED lighting, SME Illuminazione represents a reliable partner for innovation and excellence


In the vast and modern LED lighting panorama SME Illuminazione certainly stands out. Founded with a bold vision oriented towards design and quality, it quickly gained an important market share in the industry, emerging as a true benchmark for innovation and excellence. Through years of dedication, research and development, SME has become one of the leading brands in the production of LED lighting fixtures intended for a wide range of applications, specifically street lighting, urban lighting and sports facilities.


Market goals

A leadership position, also confirmed by the strategic collaborative relationships established with the most important ESCOs in the country, demonstrates the importance of synergies in the field of energy efficiency. These partnerships led to innovative relamping projects, helping not only to reduce operating costs but also to promote the culture of sustainable energy management. From the LED lighting of the main road arteries to the transformation of urban spaces into oases of nighttime comfort, from small urban centres to large capitals distributed throughout Italy, SME’s widespread presence is testimony to the effectiveness of its LED solutions.

SME Illuminazione’s commitment to quality and sustainability is highlighted through a series of important company certifications. Certifications that testify to the company’s constant commitment to guarantee high production standards, environmental awareness and workplace safety: ISO 9001 for the quality of the management system, ISO 14001 for the sustainable management of resources, ISO 45001 for health and safety of the workplace and ENEC for product compliance with European safety and efficiency standards.


Efficient and design-oriented solutions

All of SME’s know-how and experience is reflected in its range of products, designed to precisely adapt to the specific needs of the multiple applications required by the dynamic lighting market, each with its own peculiar characteristics. In the context of road applications, the products are designed not only to guarantee an optimal level of lighting which increases the visibility and safety of the roads, but above all to stand out for their performance and energy efficiency. What best represents these distinctive features of SME Illuminazione is undoubtedly the “Hades” family of products, developed and produced entirely in Italy, in line with the corporate philosophy of reducing environmental impact and supporting the circular economy.

In the urban context, the distinctive elements of any modern city are innovative design and visual comfort. SME therefore offers solutions that not only guarantee efficient lighting, but which transform urban spaces into welcoming, safe and liveable places.

Visual comfort is also a fundamental requirement in the sports lighting segment. SME solutions for sports facilities provide uniform, well calibrated and high-quality lighting, creating the ideal conditions for athletes to best express their abilities and at the same time ensuring a superior viewing experience for the public, allowing everyone to fully enjoy the sporting event.

The professionalism of SME Illuminazione thus covers all the areas of urban lighting, a conscious choice dictated by the philosophy of Padirama Group, of which it is an integral part, which founds the strength of the group itself in the specialization of the individual brand.


SME Illuminazione

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