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The ability to capture light in great centres of energy

30 October 2020



The designer Marco Pagnoncelli has the ability to capture light in great centres of energy in order to light the space. This ability reaches its peak with the Vera lamp. The lamp is composed of a reflective disc where rests a luminous brushed aluminium ring. Its internal and external edges look completely rounded just like a wedding ring (Vera is the Italian word for a wedding ring, that is why the product carries that name). During the opening, the indirect lighting ring detaches itself from the reflective disc and manually positions itself with a 90-degree angle perpendicularly to the wall and up to 360 degrees parallel to the wall. The wide mobility radius of the ring enables to recreate a suggestive atmosphere with a great effect which is able to meet any lighting demands.

There is also a surprising display of lights and shadows obtained by the delicate superposition of shapes. The 700mA LED illumination of the lamp has a great output and is characterized by a great compromise between light and consummation of energy that Icone Luce succeeded to create. It confirms the decision of the brand to favour solutions always more innovative and sustainable.

Vera is available in various nuances of colours and textures: bronze, gold, rust, gold leaf texture and bronze leaf texture.

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