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The light tells its story…

22 December 2023

Catellani & Smith narrates its Storie di Luce in a unique volume that captivates its ‘readers’


A book without pages, an original piece that is able to illuminate the bookshelf, accentuating the details of the books. Storie di Luce is, in fact, Catellani & Smith’s new rechargeable battery-operated lamp that replicates the format of the company’s most recent catalogues. The tan-coloured cover creates an elegant contrast with the spine, made of Setalux® yarn in a brilliant magenta shade. The spine displays the volume’s title, hot stamped and finished in gold colour, just like the brand logo featured on the cover.

Inside Storie di Luce, the pages are replaced by a metal structure and by a brass flex with a copper rod that you can bend, to adjust the light beam. Thanks to the absence of cables, this new lamp can be placed anywhere, among a collection of books or even individually. The magic of light happens thanks to the blue bookmark, which has been transformed into a switch. By gently pulling the cord, the light of Storie di Luce turns on and off to start or conclude a pleasant evening of reading.

Storie di Luce is available in a limited quantity until stock runs out.


Catellani & Smith

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