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The new culture of light

7 May 2024

Simes, lighting control and flexibility


IP SYSTEM®, recently premiered by Simes a Light + Building, is the first outdoor LED lighting system that combines the sign of linear light with the accents of punctual light. In fact, presented as a preview at the 2022 Autumn Edition, it has today reached a level of true maturation. Available in surface, recessed and suspended versions, it allows you to illuminate any environment in a personal and flexible way over time, acting as a link between indoors and outdoors.

The DIGITAL BEAM is the other central theme that Simes wants to focus on to get closer to a concept of simple, dynamic and digital light. Thanks to this special liquid crystal technology, it will be possible to dynamically manage the angle of the light cone using a digital input. This means being able to also select any intermediate aperture and shape the beam in real time in relation to the subject to be illuminated. This is done completely electronically. The digital beam has been integrated into some of the flagship families of the Simes portfolio.

SHIFT, with its aesthetic and functional elegance, represents the synthesis between an adjustable spotlight and an urban pole. That means light directed only where needed through modular and totally adjustable heads.

POINTER, on the other hand, is a spot and super spot projector with a wide range of interchangeable filters and accessories to shape the beam. Presented also in DIGITAL BEAM version, it incorporates the best technology available for a professional outdoor lighting tool.

TRATTO is a linear and adjustable spotlight that can be connected in cascade for continuous and uniform effects on the facade, also available in a 5-channel RGB+WW version.

And finally STICK, a new essential and compact garden bollard, featured by perfect uniformity of light all-around.



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