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Tp-Lamp enriches Landa’s Unexpected collection

5 September 2022

[LND], or Landa Illuminotecnica, an Italian company specialising in the outdoor lighting sector since 1987, announces the extension of its own Unexpected collection with TP-Lamp, a new family of lamps in which the essence of outdoor technical lighting focuses on the decorative in an even more unexpected way. With TP-Lamp, [LND] treasures its accumulated experience of success with the first release of the Unexpected collection, proposing technical-lighting products which combine an excellent quality control and high performances – the bench marks of the Landa production – with an aesthetic research aimed at opening an intense dialogue between man and nature.

The inspiration which resulted in Landa’s designers creating TP-Lamp originates from places and suggestions of times gone by: in fact, its shape is a homage to the tepees – hence the name TP – the tents set up by Native Americans where their communities would meet, around a fire, to share opinions, stories and emotions. TP-Lamp is the portable outdoor lamp which embraces the archetypical icon of the tepees, proposing a lighting body of impact supported by a three-legged frame. The LED light is emitted from the top and diffused in a uniform way onto the lower pedestal, creating pleasing Chinese shadow effects on the walls or near-by surfaces.

The pedestal also acts as an excellent surface for resting plants or objects of various types (not included in the product). A particular fusion between the decorative and minimalism which allows the TP-Lamp to adapt in a versatile way even to hybrid spaces, such as terraces and balconies. Moreover, its “unexpected” look, makes it ideal also as an elegant and functional alternative to the classical interior room lamp. TP-Lamp is presented as an entire family of lamps, available in two sizes, two types of power supply and three colour combinations.

The small table version is 40 cm, high, a base diameter of 29 cm and 2W power, while the big floor version is 150 cm high, a base diameter of 99 cm and 7W power. For both the colour temperature is a warm 3000K, while the diffuser is in opal polycarbonate for the small version and sand-blasted glass in the big version. The small version of the TP-Lamp is also available in the rechargeable version with touch switch-on and dimmerable light via Bluetooth on demand. The integrated battery, rechargeable via USB-C port, guarantees an autonomy of 3 hours at maximum power: meeting around the circle of TP-Lamp light in this way becomes a ritual which can be repeated just about anywhere! All the versions of the TP-Lamp by [LND], including those fed by cable, are developed to satisfy the IP65 degree of protection, guaranteeing an optimal resistance to water and dust both in indoor and outdoor spaces.

In fact, as all products developed and produced by Landa, TP-Lamp is created to guarantee the end users high lighting performances together with a long life cycle: the merit for this goes to special anti-oxidation treatments which make TP-Lamp highly resistant to adverse weather conditions and conditions caused by open-air use. Design and technique find in TP-Lamp a synthesis which once again represents the true differential value of Landa Illuminotecnica in the world panorama of lighting producers: the body, made in aluminium through CNC machining, has a high level of mechanical resistance and is available in opaque black while for the legs, also in aluminium, there is a choice of three different colours: grey, graphite and oxide.

With the new TP-Lamp family, [LND] is ready to write a new chapter in its history aimed at narrating the complex and fascinating relationship between human beings and nature which surrounds them. A dialogue which Landa Illuminotecnica interprets in an original and contemporary way, blending poetic sensibility, aesthetic research and high technical quality as only the best Made in Italy companies can do.


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