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Trisobbio Castle can now communicate with light!

23 October 2021

Spacecannon followed the castle new lighting project using LED floodlights


Trisobbio, close to Alessandria – Italy, is one of the oldest villages in Monferrato. During the Medieval age it became a rich area, thanks to an intense trading with the Liguria region. After 1800 the castle fell into a state of neglect until the beginning of 1900, when a major building renovation was started. The castle then turned into an elegant restaurant, perfect location for wedding parties. About twenty years ago, Spacecannon followed the lighting design of the castle using metal halide with mechanical color changer.


The new project

The Major recently decided to renew the lighting in order to reduce power consumption and equip Trisobbio with a lighting system in step with new technologies. Spacecannon has then offered the perfect solution using Rainbow 1 floodlights with RGBW technology and eColor40 totally controlled by DMX512. An accurate selection of optics has been used to achieve a perfect uniformity on all the surfaces.

Spacecannon’s experts followed the development of the project providing a turnkey solution including the programming of the shows, and giving the installers advice on the cabling. The newest DMX controller installed for driving the floodlights allows the user to change the shows in real-time using an App on a mobile phone.


This project was carried out in collaboration with the AEN studio in Acqui Terme, Italy.



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