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A collection with two distinctive elements: natural wood decorations and geometric lampshades

5 September 2022

Marica by ONLI, a brand of Stefi Illuminazione, is a collection of lamps with a simple design


The Marica collection has two easily recognizable distinctive elements: the natural wood decorations and the geometric lampshades, to contrast the uniqueness of Nature with the precision of the geometric lines. Although the sticks used for the lamps in this collection are similar to each other, we all know that in Nature nothing is perfectly equal.

The lines of the lampshades are clear, perfectly defined to create a sharp yet harmonious contrast. The overall effect is beautiful, allowing Marica lamps to furnish with simple elegance, bringing a touch of originality to the environments, be they of a house or the demanding world of Contract.

The Marica collection produced by ONLI, a brand of Stefi Illuminazione in Pontedera close to Pisa (Italy), is composed of lamps with a simple and refined design, clearly inspired by Nature.

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