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Underline, light for the exterior

5 July 2021

Buzzi & Buzzi, presents UNDERLINE a walkable floor luminaire made of DurCoral®


Buzzi & Buzzi, a Lombardy-based company that is one of the leaders in the lighting sector, presents UNDERLINE among the latest additions to its catalogue, a walkable floor luminaire made of DurCoral®, an innovative company patent that has greater mechanical resistance than concrete and is therefore able to integrate with any flooring. Underline is a product capable of providing the best performance with minimum bulk, becoming one with the space and paths.

Underline is a floor-mounted luminaire, a clear-cut pathway light that blends into its surroundings. Paths are emphasised by a defined light beam, capable of 5.5 W power with a LED colour temperature of 3000K. The modern design allows comfortable positioning in any place, guaranteeing safety and practicality because it is walkable and unassailable by any external agent. A futuristic product, the result of a company philosophy supported by ideals aimed at development and technology, to constantly guarantee quality solutions and performance of the highest level.

Underline adapts to all types of open spaces such as driveways, streets and entrances, avoiding the need for invasive and unsightly solutions. Performance is guaranteed over time, regardless of weather conditions and various situations that could damage a lighting system. Underline is made of DurCoral®, patented by Buzzi & Buzzi and conceived for outdoor environments, three times harder than cement and able to provide extremely high performance in terms of load-bearing capacity and resistance. Since its inception, the company has always paid close attention to research and development, creating Coral®, a material of high quality and durability.

DurCoral® can be treated with any paint and finish and is resistant to abrasion, salinity, weathering and insensitive to ultraviolet rays. These characteristics make Underline ideal for particularly extreme outdoor applications, given its high degree of protection (IP68) and its adaptability to spaces.


Tech features

  • DurCoral® body
  • IP68 protection grade
  • 500 x 500 x h 40 mm dimensions
  • Light emission hole 400 x 15 mm
  • Source: LED 24 V – LED 5.5W 40 lm/W
  • Colour temperature LED: 3000 K
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