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Universal Science Promotes Lumileds’ NightScape Technology

19 April 2024

Thanks to NightScape technology, Lumileds is the first company to launch a light source dedicated to combating light pollution while offering functional, long-lasting and efficient lighting


What is NightScape Technology

Scientific studies show that high levels of blue light in a light source, besides disrupting the human circadian rhythm at night, negatively affect wildlife, such as birds, insects, and turtles. Around the world, blue light contributes to nighttime light pollution. In response to these new demands, Lumileds has introduced NightScape technology, reducing blue light below 2%, thus supporting our natural ecosystem. It preserves the well-being of animals, plants and people and reduces light pollution. Virtually all outdoor solutions, from landscape to general lighting, will benefit from this technology. Emitting considerably low levels of blue light, Lumileds LEDs with NightScape technology also allow you to meet new outdoor lighting standards without redesigning your optics or fixtures.


The available models

NightScape technology is available in the LUXEON 3030 HE Plus and 5050 Square series Lumileds LEDs with a CCT of 1900K and a blue light content of just 1.8% in the 400-500nm range. This colour temperature is widely used worldwide for outdoor lighting, including streetlights, pedestrians, landscapes, and similar applications with high-pressure sodium lamps. The physical dimensions and optical radiation patterns of the NightScape versions of the LUXEON 3030 HE Plus and LUXEON 5050 Square LEDs are identical to products already on the market. That’s why any luminaire using one of these products (or similar) can quickly and easily adopt NightScape technology and produce a more environmentally friendly solution.


Main features

  • The unique spectral distribution that provides the highest flux emitting <2% blue light;
  • Reliable LUXEON 5050 Square and LUXEON 3030 HE Plus platforms that guarantee a longer lifespan (L90>100kh);
  • LUXEON 3030 HE Plus – NightScape 182lm/W at 65mA;
  • Colour target tested at Tj85 with full distribution within a 5-step ellipse;
  • Different forward voltage options (3V, 6V, 30V).


As of 2024, Lumileds is the Official LED partner of Universal Science, the company based in Milan, that is the promoter for the entire Lumileds portfolio, boasting an even more constant and timely update on new products and technologies. The technical and design support, combined with the high production capacity, make of Universal Science the ideal partner for developing cutting-edge LED solutions.


Universal Science

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