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Venini art light: light and substance

4 October 2021

Emotions reflected in glass since 1921


The most recent additions to VENINI’s rich catalogue include the collection created by Peter Marino: a range of sculptural lamps, Rotondo, Cilindro, and Parallelo, consolidating the partnership between the glassworks and the American architect, building on the idea of the Black Belt vase collection. These new lamps are also made using the complex “Sommerso” technique, where several transparent layers enclose the iconic Black or Tea-coloured bands.

By introducing a light source, the intersection of the bands, which run across the transparency of the glass, creates a play of light and shade, fullness and void. The shapes of the new lamps, which give their names to the various models in the collection, are proposed in a pendant version at different heights. As for Parallelo, the model assumes a modular value, which, exploiting the parallel nature of the sides, makes it possible to create graphic compositions in space.

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