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70 RT HP: a patent worth double

30 April 2024

The 70 RT HP rotary isolator switches range is worth GEWISS the first 2024 certificate recognized in both Europe and China


GEWISS ushers in 2024 with a new patent with dual international significance. The 70 RT HP range of rotary disconnect switches has, in fact, obtained official certification from both the European Patent Office and the Chinese Patent and Trademark Office. The double international recognition for the solution in Installation confirms the path of innovation and development that has always accompanied the company’s more than 50-year history.

The official description of the European Patent Office states, “The present invention relates to a rotary switch disconnector with a padlockable operating knob. […] A task of the present invention is to make an improved padlockable rotary switch disconnector with control knob which is an advantageous alternative to known padlockable switch disconnectors or switches. Within the scope of this task, one purpose of the invention is to make a rotary switch disconnector […] with improved aesthetic appearance. Another purpose of the invention is to make a rotary disconnect switch to which one or more padlocks can be applied at the same time with a quick and easy operation.

Another purpose of the present invention is to make a structure which, because of its peculiar manufacturing characteristics, is capable of providing the broadest guarantees of reliability and safety in use.”

70 RT HP is a complete offer of rotary isolator switches from 16A to 160A, available in boxes both in insulating material and metal, in control or emergency versions, compatible with the main applications for residential, tertiary and industrial contexts. DC versions for photovoltaic applications are also available from 16A to 40A in insulating box. The series is completed with versions for board from 16A to 1000A and for DIN rail fixing from 16A to 63A, which can be equipped with auxiliary contacts. The devices have been designed to reduce wiring time, facilitate installation and guarantee the maximum safety and robustness even in the most demanding conditions.



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