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Track lighting: the market requires simple and minimal systems

3 September 2020

A.A.G. Stucchi, the historical company in the lighting sector, is increasingly focusing on the track lighting with applications ranging from hospitality to museums and home living, but whose main sector remains the retail. The company presented two new seriesrepresenting the close attention to the market demand: simple complete but minimal systems, granting space and attention to light itself.

MULTISYSTEM® EVO is the real evolution of MULTISYSTEM® low-voltage, aimed to simple installation and use but also meant to widen the market potentiality of this range, still maintaining the technical system’s features that made it successful. Tracks and components dimensions remain unchanged, so as the different track available profiles to fit any kind of project and the wide range of connections and accessories. Instead, the elements connected to the magnetic system have been removedto simplify the product-installation, to avoid possible interferences with any magnetic fields generated by the electronics and to meanwhile reduce the cost. Thanks to a simple “click in/click out” system, without any tools or additional manual operations the installation is easy and fast even without magnets.

SENZAFINE light modules and MULTISYSTEM® READY will be available also in EVO version.

MICRO the new A.A.G. Stucchi low-voltage product rangeaims to meet the market need of miniaturizedcomponents and structures. A deep focus therefore on the greatly reduceddimensions, to obtain a product able to make a difference where aesthetics and detail-care are essential.MICRO is a complete system of tracks, adapters, adapters for light control and concealed connections, which are perfect to create dynamic, minimal and elegant lighting projects.

SENZAFINE Micro is also part of the system. A miniaturized version of the SENZAFINE modules,which can be inserted in the tracks creating a very thin light-line that perfectly integrates into any context.

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