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A new and elegant suspension made of HI-MACS®

30 May 2021

The French designer Pierre Cabrera expands the Tulip lamp family with a new pendant version, inspired by the flower grace and beauty. The lamp made in HI-MACS® is available in two different sizes and with or without leather upholstery. Through this new model, Pierre Cabrera found the perfect harmony between material and light, creating a warm, cosy atmosphere.

“This lamp fully satisfies the design I had in mind, and at the same time diffuses a soft and delicate light” says the designer, and adds “HI-MACS®, thanks to its thermoformability, allows infinite transformation possibilities also offering an almost unlimited range of colours and finishes. All these advantages supported me throughout the entire creation process, inspiring me every day”.

In this new pendant version, the translucent material ensures remarkable light diffusion downward, without resulting aggressive.


A combination of materials

Tulip’s timeless and elegant corolla arises from the encounter between craftsmanship and innovative materials as Solid Surface HI-MACS®. Each lamp is handmade, thus representing a one-of-a-kind work of art. Available in two sizes, Tulip30 and Tulip40, the new pendant model is equipped with the last generation LED lights to fashion a gentle, delicate and suffused atmosphere. But the real peculiarity of this lamp lies in the leather covering that “embraces” the HI-MACS® diffuser.

The collaboration between Pierre Cabrera and the designer Amalvi Pimenta allowed the development of this pendant lamps collection covered with a noble, natural, warm and unique material like leather. To obtain the desired result, Amalvi Pimenta chose a particular leather having features that perfectly match HI-MACS® and its properties of resistance and pleasantness to the touch. Pimenta, therefore, chose “a full-grain, mineral-tanned and semi-aniline bull leather. Its natural grain, suppleness, smoothness, unique silky feel, resistant to daily wear and wonderful nuances make this leather a truly uncommon, rare and extraordinary material”.


Photo Credits: ® Pierre Cabrera

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