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A new generation of high flux design LED bulbs

30 June 2022

Daylight Italia is one of the European leaders in designing, producing and distributing decorative LED sources. Among the innovations recently presented, the Cristallo series, Mammamia (Drop), Caramella (Candy), Bellaluce, Ciaobella (Delo), represent the expression of a new concept of a light source, replaceable, dimmable and with high colour rendering.

These are new-generation decorative LED bulbs, whose luminous presence can furnish, excite, and give character and elegance to the environment, from domestic to restaurants and bistros, where design and accent lighting are required. Bulbs that have a very high quality of emitted light (Ra 80, 90), are dimmable, have a high luminous flux (from 540lm up to 1500lm) and have a very long lifespan (15,000h).

The bulbs are available in two versions:

Porcellana series: for comfortable, homogeneous light

Cristallo series: for sparkling, crystalline light

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