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A remarkable installation at IMM Cologne, titled “Impact of Light”

22 February 2024

After the launch at Euroluce 2023, another important trade fair event for Luceplan, which with Liiu design by VANTOT, took part in the IMM Cologne fair


For its thematic exhibition “Installation Circles”, IMM Cologne identified Liiu lighting systems, born from the design by VANTOT for Luceplan in 2023, as one of the focal points of the entire exposition. The installation, conceived for the occasion by the Dutch design duo, is called Impact of Light and represented one of the focal points of the fair last January.

Not a typical booth, but a poetic circle of light promoting encounters and inspiration, featuring more than 100 lighting elements. An imposing configuration suitable for public spaces, but housing a cozy and inclusive space within, emphasized by the lights and shadows generated by the circular installation and the lamp bodies projecting outward. An invitation to engage the users in a sensorial game and contact with low-voltage technology, the result of an increasingly daring research by Luceplan.

The Liiu lamp, technical and light at the same time, with ceiling-anchored slender electrified metal cables and constantly tensioned through counterweights. The bodies of the lamp are positioned on the cables by means of two light arms supporting the luminous head and feature a spiral at the extremity. The effect of weight guarantees a constant power supply, while their sliding along the cables creates a design in continuous transformation.



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