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Alessandro Borghese and Buzzi & Buzzi

16 November 2022

The indoor lighting of the new restaurant “AB – il lusso della semplicità” in Venice


Buzzi & Buzzi, a leading Italian technical-lighting company, has been selected to light the interiors of the new restaurant Alessandro BorgheseAB – Il Lusso della Semplicità”, recently opened in Venice.

The architectural project, designed by the Architect Alfredo Canelli, became a precious source of inspiration for the designers  Buzzi & Buzzi, who, together with the furnishing experts of Cierreesse, were able to give the right light to a unique location – in a 16th century building –  capable of combining the elements, typical of the Venetian architectural tradition and the modern spaces of the Milanese restaurant bearing the name of the chef Alessandro Borghese.

As for the first “AB – Il Lusso della Semplicità”, Buzzi & Buzzi has also developed for the new lagoon experience, which opened on 26th June, a project which offers the guests of the various parts of the restaurant (the gourmet restaurant, the bistrot with pastry section, the bar and the wine cellar)  a warm, welcoming and comfortable light. Light where least you expect it with Buzzi & Buzzi, the recessed light fittings discretely hide among the architectural elements of the palazzo. The light fittings disappear almost totally into the surfaces of walls and ceilings, leaving a matchless expressive freedom to architects and lighting designers.

LEAF is the semi-recessed light fitting which emerges, with its characteristic clean cuts which remind us of the slashes of Lucio Fontana, from the folds of wall paper with an exotic theme applied to the walls of the main rooms. But LEAF’s personalisation possibilities do not stop here: the inner surfaces near the light source, in fact, have been decorated with gold leaf; this not only gives a touch of preciousness and sophistication at an aesthetic level but has also made it possible, at the same time, to recreate a soft and even warmer and more comfortable light. For the bar counter, Buzzi & Buzzi has adopted the combination between the GENIUS recessed spotlights (also present in the TWIN GENIUS double version) and the FUNNEL pendent lights. GENIUS is the incredibly powerful recessed spotlight in relation to the sizes of the emission hole (20 mm in diameter): 8.5 W of released power in fact make it possible the light the operating area in an effective, precise and uniform manner, with the minimum visual impact.

Demonstrating the wide range of facets of the Buzzi & Buzzi range, the FUNNEL pendent lights do nothing to hide their iconic shape: veritable funnels of direct light falling from the ceiling from a completely recessed housing (available, on demand, also with an exposed box) to valorise the piano bar and the work of the expert barmen, without dazzling. Here in the white version, to generate a strong contrast with the gold of the walls and the green of the marble inserts, FUNNEL can be personalised in colour and surface finish with any paint.

What you don’t see, but feel, is the impact the BuzziI& Buzzi technical-lighting products have on the well-being of the diners. The GENIUS, TWIN GENIUS, LEAF and FUNNEL products are made in AirCoral®, the material patented by Buzzi & Buzzi which can purify the surrounding air through a technology which reduces bacteria and pollutants.

The rock soul and refined taste of the most social chef in Italy can be found in the spotlights of Buzzi & Buzzi’s IRON collection, designed to light specific elements in the architectural space with precision. X1 NANO 48V is the miniaturised track spotlight available in various finishes (white, black, anodised champagne or rose gold) with a minimal design, in this case occupying minimum space dimensionally and visually while giving high performances. In fact, the LED light ensures a power of 6W, emitted from a tube only 30 mm in diameter and 50 mm long, obtained from solid alloy. A solution which achieves an optimal heat dissipation and a high overall level of efficiency.

Buzzi & Buzzi choices are a successful compromise between high technology design, aesthetics and performance. The miniaturisation of the products is the perfect synthesis of this: thanks to their minute dimensions, the NANO track-systems enhance the beams of the ancient building into which they totally integrate, with their performing light and rich decorations dating back to the beginning of the eighteenth century. A choice, made in respect of the architectural beauty, which has also gained the appreciation and approval of the cultural heritage and conservation department of Venice.

Elegance and performance live together in the technical-lighting projects of Buzzi & Buzzi: the Italian company has become the ambassador of a new lighting concept, in which light puts itself at the service of architects and designers to valorise the beauty and liveability of spaces.


Photo credits: Michétta Creative

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