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ANIE Assembly: industrial production +16.6%

5 September 2022

Electronics and electrical engineering in 2021 beyond pre-Covid levels: + 3.5%

Turnover in 2021 of the sectors headed by ANIE Federation amounted to 76 billion euros. United States (+17.4%), China (+38.1%) and Turkey (+15.2%) the three best performing foreign markets. “The production growth is held back by the commodity prices increase. But our supply chains have the highest propensity to R&D: we are central to PNRR.” declares President Girardi


Industrial production at +16.6% in 2021. The Italian electronics and electrotechnical sectors not only begin the rise on the previous year, but even the positive sign returns beyond the pre-Covid levels. A percentage change that, compared to 2020, exceeds that of manufacturing (+13.5%), and leads the two ANIE macro-sectors to exceed the production of 2019 by 3.5%. For the sectors headed by ANIE, therefore, 2021 translates into a turnover of 76 billion euros. These are the key figures presented by President Filippo Girardi to the members of the ANIE Federation during the annual Assembly at the Palazzo Parigi Hotel in Milan, Italy.


The ANIE system 2021

The numbers presented by ANIE President Filippo Girardi to the Associates outline a scenario that leaves behind the backlash of the pandemic emergency and, to activate upward dynamics on the sector’s turnover, requires ANIE and the government to monitor the price increases of commodities and energy that began in the fourth quarter of 2021. The starting point is that in 2021 the ANIE system was worth 76 billion euros in turnover. Of these, 49.6 billion are from electrotechnical and electronic technologies; 19.8 billion are from industrial plant engineering. And again: 22 billion euros are generated by exports, with a surplus of 7.3 billion euros for the trade balance.


Electrical engineering and electronics compared with manufacturing

The recovery of global demand in the first part of 2021 and the improvement of macroeconomic fundamentals, together with the gradual restart of the investment cycle for the domestic market, had a driving effect on industrial production volumes and manufacturing turnover, which rose respectively on average-year at +13.5% for industrial production in volumes (-11.8% in 2020) and +22.5% for aggregate turnover in value and at current prices (-11.4% in 2020). Also, electrical engineering and electronics, after the decline in industrial production volumes by 11.2% and turnover in value by 7.4%, recorded a double-digit increase in total turnover (+19.2% compared to 2020) and industrial production (+16.6% compared to 2020); with a more sustained growth rate for electrical engineering (+20.2%) than for electronics (+17%).

Unfortunately, the first quarter of 2022 shows a drop compared to the same period of the previous year of 5.5 percentage points, while the corresponding figure in manufacturing growth stands at +1.2%. In March, a slightly more contained decrease compared to the quarterly average of -3.3%.


Electrical engineering and electronics: Italian and export turnover

In the Electrotechnical Area, the renewable energy supply chain grows by 16% through the constant increase in installations in the domestic market and a positive dynamic in foreign markets. On the other hand, the rebound in the cables sector is amplified by the sharp increases in the prices of raw materials, primarily copper. While the restart of investments in construction supported the recovery for the Lighting (+19%), Components and Systems for Plants (+19.2%) and Lifts sectors, where the dynamics are the result of opposite trends (+9.1% Italian turnover and -3.6% exports). Rail and electrified transport saw sustained growth for the electrification segment (+18%).

While in the Electronics Area, Automation marks a +20.8%, a similar trend for Electronic Components at +15.9%. Lastly, the Building Security and Automation sector also recorded a rebound (+12.3%) following the restart of the construction market. That of private security services is more contained (+4.1%). Regarding exports, the best performances come from the European demand – where over 60% of cross-border sales are destined – with a growth of 23.4%, and the confirmation of Germany and France as the top markets for exports of Italian technology. Outside Europe, the United States (+17.4%), China (+38.1%) and Turkey (+15.2%) are the three best-performing markets for the ANIE system in 2021.


ANIE Federation, with over 1,400 associated companies and about 500,000 employees, represents the most strategic and advanced sector among the Italian industrial sectors, with an aggregate turnover of 76 billion euros (of which 22 billion are exports) in 2021. ANIE Federation invest 5% of turnover in Research and Development, representing more than 30% of the entire investment in R&D made by the private sector in Italy.


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