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ARAKAWA presents the smallest grip in the world

15 September 2020

ARAKAWA GRIP produces cable adjustable-devices that do not require any screwing: the clamp opens with slight pressure on the pin, allowing the positioning along the cable. The setup is very simple thanks to the integrated locking system.

Reliability first

ARAKAWA & Co. Ltd is the only company in the world that manages the entire cable-lock chain, from production in its factories, to assembly, up to the final inspection of every single piece. The accurate design and the high level of customization allow infinite set-up possibilities. AVS, ARAKAWA’s Italian official distributor, shows in his catalog the latest products. In particular, the AU-72 miniature cable clamp available in both silver and black. An advanced version of the BU-72 that supports 3 kg weight with only 0.6 cm in diameter. Just insert the cable into the cable clamp and the lamp can be immediately positioned. Likewise, to reconfigure the positioning just press the coupling point and release the previously hooked cable.

ARAKAWA is also Art, Museums and Galleries: the “Existence of Line” exhibition in Milan was inaugurated last November

Almach Art and Arakawa & Co. Ltd have announced the launch of an important technological/artistic partnership on the occasion of the recent opening of the new showroom dedicated to art in Milan. For the occasion, some works of art have been specially created using the Arakawagrip system as an integral part of the work. Three-dimensional panels and sculptures that could not be made without using this technology. Jun Murakoshi, a Japanese artist and designer, exhibited his panels, from which sprout branches made with small wooden tubes, whose core is the cable with the Arakawa system. With his work Jun Murakoshi has given shape to irregular and random lines, thanks to the union of different parts in a balance of strength and tension supported by the cables and ARAKAWA cable-clamps stressed by the compression force generated along the vertical axis by the junction to other parts of the installation. A delicate and plastic way of representing the constancy of the force of gravity.

Almach Art has been designing museum, institutional and private installations for over 20 years and among its clients are the museums of the Beni Culturali Cappuccini in Genoa, Assisi and Milan for which Arakawagrip systems have been used. The new Almach Art Gallery space is an art gallery meant in a traditional, simple and essential sense, aimed to bring back to life the artistic fervour of the city during the 60s and 70s, an always-open place of dialogue between artists, curators and spectators. A space meant to enhance the whole by using the best available technology for the display of the artworks, to offer the observers the best possible experience. The presentation was attended by Makoto Arakawa, company’s Marketing Manager, Luca Temolo Dall’Igna, Director of Almach Art srl and the Artists Jun Murakoshi and Kyoji Nagatani.

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