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At FAI, the New Year brings an explosion of colours

31 January 2022

It is no news that colour is an essential ingredient in our everyday life, especially in the environment that surrounds us daily. Everyone can see that mostly in home décor, where it expresses itself through the choice of resolute colouring for the lighting systems, such as lamps, chandeliers, abat-jours, open style systems and many others. To allow everyone to make each component for home lighting even more in line with their taste and personality, FAI has recently enlarged its selection of products with new shades dedicated to the ones looking for exclusive colour nuances. The introduction of new colours comes from a study of trends of colours in several areas of interest, released by Pantone Colour Institute for the year 2022. To underline its strong connection with the world of colour, FAI wants to offer to its clients a broad and renovated selection of palettes that range from the nuance of green to the brown, pink, light blue, violet and yellow ones, which will allow everyone to customize their style through the power of colours.

The colours chosen by the company are now taking shape through a wide range of rosettes and glasses that, with their different shapes and colours, are the essential components to create unique and customized lamps or chandeliers. Conceived to satisfy all the specific style and taste demands, they perfectly fit in every ambient with a broad selection of different forms and colours of electric cables coated with textile, ready to be assembled and give life to the multi-drop chandeliers, pendel lamps or other creations to enlighten the locations with style, elegance ad originality.

Modern colour-revisited vintage and retro porcelain component elements are also available to recreate the open style, lighting systems and any style of chandelier: from the vintage and retro ones with their particular accessories and decoration to the modern and minimal ones featured by essential colours and shapes.



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