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Atelier Plus Montecarlo Collection

20 May 2024

Designing furniture that will become works of art of excellence


Designing furniture that will become works of art of excellence, ideally attaining the coveted A+ grade, expressing the highest idea of perfection and enhancing every interior with a distinctive touch. This is the mission of Atelier Plus Montecarlo, introducing a collection of products where the inherent elegance of marble seamlessly integrates with contemporary design.

Atelier Plus Montecarlo crafts furnishings that are not simply functional, but real masterpieces that enrich and transform living spaces. The refinement of marble serves as the essence of each creation. A collection conceived from the imagination and creativity of three designers, Giuseppe Beretta, Beatrice Marelli and Anna Borga, with a selection of the finest marbles. Marble, the undisputed protagonist, is presented with a wide palette of colors and veins, giving every single element of the collection a distinct identity and unparalleled elegance. The outcome is a series of furnishings that stands as symbols of style and taste, able to satisfy the desires of those seeking a higher level of excellence.

Arabescato grigio, Saint Laurent, Mistery White, Calacatta, but also Panda White, Taj Mahal, Sahara Noir and Crema Pontificia are some of the most precious marbles employed by Atelier Plus Montecarlo, in crafting its range of products, spanning from tables to libraries and bathroom furnishings. The distinctive element is the harmonious fusion between innovative design and the wise use of precious marble. Arabescato Grigio and the Saint Laurent embody classic elegance, while the Panda White and the Taj Mahal are synonymous with refinement. Sahara Noir, with its intensity, and Crem pontificia, with its delicacy, offer the versatility to tailor each piece of furniture to the most discerning and sophisticated tastes. Tailored for primarily the Monegasque and French markets, the Atelier Plus Montecarlo collection aims to enhance both the luxury residential sector and the realm of hospitality and contracts.

In addition to the collection of products, Atelier Plus Montecarlo offers its customers a selected range of finishes and coverings for marble walls and floors that combined with standard products, help to complete and embellish the environments in which they are inserted. The attention to detail and the quality of the used materials guarantee aesthetic and functional solutions that meet the most refined and contemporary needs.

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