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Biovitae strengthens its communication with a tour to the largest European trade fairs

13 February 2023

From Frankfurt to Düsseldorf and Dublin


After the presence with Molex and Aurora Lichtwerke at Light+Building 2022 in Frankfurt, a fair that registered about 1,500 exhibitors from all over the world and more than 220,000 visitors, Biovitae extends its presence in the biggest European events. Indeed, it exhibited at K2022 Düsseldorf hosted by Lyondellbasell and then will fly to Dublin at the AEE Energy Conference & Expo.

All-Italian technology: the two inventors, Rosario Valles and Carmelo R. Cartiere are both Italian, and so is the company that owns the patent, Nextsense Srl, part of the P&P Patents and Technologies Group. BIOVITAE tackles a significant issue of human society that now pervades our daily lives:  the prevention and control of infections, an activity that relates not only to viral pandemics but also to the resistance of bacteria to antibiotics.

The key point of its communication is the importance of continuous sanitization as the best form of prevention in environments from infection. Within the area of continuous sanitization, Biovitae stands as the most effective, most versatile and most sustainable solution for controlling bacterial and viral load in the air and on surfaces. This device, that uses a patented multi-peak LED totally UV-free sanitizing light, was invented to offer an innovative solution to facilitate safe and healthy environments, without changing our daily habits and without compromising our immune system during the exposure  Biovitae wavelengths eradicate all types of germs while continuously maintaining the microbial load below the infective dose by simply turning on the light, because the device can be used in the presence of human beings like a normal LED light.

The difference between the Biovitae microbicide device and other technologies using the frequencies of the visible spectrum is obvious for a number of reasons:

  • Within the microbicide band (ranging from 400nm to 420nm) it is the only one that uses a multifrequency (international patent) based on three different peaks. This allows it a much broader action on all bacteria (Gram+ and Gram -) and viruses with efficacy times and energy required halved compared to competitors;
  • It is the only one that succeeds in perfectly integrating the sanitizing function with that of illumination: a light that is indistinguishable from normal light and available in all color temperatures;
  • It is the only one tested on coronavirus and whose tests have been published in Peer review;
  • It acts on surfaces and air;
  • It is available in all sizes, from the classic household bulb to products for schools, offices, hospitals, transportation;
  • It supports the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Biovitae is covered by international patents in these Countries: Italy, Japan, United States, South Korea, Australia


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