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Bouquet: enchanting luminous originality

5 June 2023

This abat-jour by Cini&Nils is a lamp that captivates for its beauty and elegance, but also for the originality of its shapes, in the wake of the leitmotiv that has characterised the company for over 50 years


Designed by Luta Bettonica and Mario Melocchi in 2006, Bouquet is a tribute to the original project of designer Franco Bettonica, who in 1965 designed an eccentric ceramic vase inspired by the deep, symmetrical folds of an origami. It consists of an opalescent diffuser with convexity that surrounds a light bulb with a mirrored dome, producing an enchanting chiaroscuro effect in the surrounding environment. Its characteristic shape has been shaped by bending the upper ends of the opalescent methacrylate, creating a balanced composition for a striking effect.

Thanks to the special configuration of the diffuser, the light filtering through the abat-jour provides an intimate and cosy atmosphere. This makes Bouquet the ideal companion for reading a good book or for a moment of relaxation. The Bouquet lamp is not only a small luminous work of art to embellish home environments, but also a functional and versatile piece of furniture. The lamp holder cylinder, 23 cm high and with a diameter of 8 cm, is easily removable so that the shade can also be washed in the dishwasher.

Furthermore, the abat-jour is available in different colour variants, including opal white, transparent, red and green, to meet the most demanding interior design needs. Bouquet is suitable for all kinds of interior design, from classic to contemporary, making it the ideal protagonist both on the bedside table and in the corner of a living space.

Its elegance and comfort make it a distinctive object, capable of adding a touch of style to any type of home. Thanks to its originality and beauty, the multifaceted Bouquet by Cini&Nils is the perfect choice for those seeking a combination of classicism, elegance and originality. A must-have Made in Italy accessory for timeless beauty.



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