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Bring competition to light

14 May 2021

GEWISS launches a new range of LED floodlights designed to meet the highest lighting standards for installations hosting professional competitions


The lighting system of an arena must guarantee a homogeneous distribution and a perfect visibility on the pitch, to avoid any interference that may affect the competition. But that’s not enough. Arenas are complex and multipurpose facilities, where the lighting system must guarantee the safety of spectators and maintenance staff, control of energy consumption and right lighting at different times of the day or depending on the event in progress. To meet all these needs, GEWISS has designed Stadium PRO | 3, the new range of LED floodlights for installations hosting professional competitions. Stadium PRO | 3 provides solutions that assure excellent distribution of light both horizontally and vertically, such that competitions can take place while ensuring perfect visibility for race judges, players and cameras, with the maximum comfort for spectators.

All devices guarantee perfect lighting also with television recordings in line with TLCI and HDTV standards, thanks to the latest generation LEDs with high colour rendering and excellent light quality, selected up to 3 McAdam steps. Finally, this range is also available with a DMX power supply, that can contribute to create complex sets and offer maximum flexibility to the sports facility in order to adapt it to any type of event.


An optic for every requirement

Stadium PRO | 3 is designed with a new T.I.R.Ex (Total Internal Reflection Extended) optical system that can meet any professional lighting requirement. In fact, the range includes 9 different types of optics. Narrow-beam optics are designed to meet the lighting needs of sports facilities dedicated to competitive contests. Asymmetrical optics mainly meet installations where wall mounting or pole mounting with low heights is required. Finally, symmetrical medium and wide beam optics have been designed for outdoor/indoor sport lighting where good uniformity and lighting on the horizontal plane is required.

Thanks to the different types of optics, Stadium PRO | 3 is suitable to illuminate both large arenas and stadiums dedicated to hosting professional outdoor competitions and indoor sports areas such as swimming pools, basketball courts or spaces dedicated to gymnastics. All the floodlights in the range have been designed to guarantee total glare control, also thanks to a range of accessories such as the visor and the louvre, for installations where it is not possible to have the maximum flexibility of positioning.

Stadium PRO | 3 range stands out also for its Flexibility, Modularity and Connectivity. These attributes allow for perfect light management in any context, including for the wellbeing of people, energy efficiency and reducing pollutant emissions. Core values, which transform a simple lighting fixture into a truly Smart system.

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